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Hypothetico-Deductive Modeling to QA - 1267 Words

Hypothetico-Deductive Modeling to QA The Hypothetico-Deductive model is considered by some to be the hallmark of scientific research methods. The model is predicated on obtaining information in an effort to confirm or reject the hypothesis developed. This methodology requires the researcher to ask questions, hone in on the issue through preliminary research, formulate hypothesis and measurements, test, draw conclusions, refine and report. In order for the model to be effective the question being addressed by the researcher must be testable. This means there is practical feasibility of producing counterexamples. For example answering the question of â€Å"does God exist?† would not facilitate an appropriate use of the†¦show more content†¦Figure 1 outlines this iterative process (â€Å"Hypothetico-deductive method†): Hypothetico-Deductive Knowledge Advancement Understanding and use of this model can provide the business researcher with a decisive advantage when assessing information in support of critical decisions. Josà © Sacristà ¡n used this type of model in his research supporting â€Å"Exploratory trials, confirmatory observations: A new reasoning model in the era of patient-centered medicine†. His research supports using hypothetico-deductive reasoning as a basis for developing new pharmaceutical products (Sacristà ¡n, 2011). The current approach requires a new drug substance to undergo a series of rigorous clinical trials. These trials serve to confirm patient outcomes in support of new medicine availability. Typically a single dosage is approved in support of the aggregate population afflicted with an ailment. Josà © Sacristà ¡n has expanded on the presumed single dose theory using the hypothetico-deductive model where clinical trials would serve as the exploratory phases with confirmation occurring through observ ations. In practice the trial would serve to disaggregate patient populations so that medicines could be tailored toShow MoreRelatedA Rational Analysis Of Human Behavior Based On The Theory Of The Environment3058 Words   |  13 Pageswith the meanings of ‘everyday rationality’ and ‘formal rationality’ and the relationship between the concepts. ‘Formal rationality’ is the familiar rationality of logical and mathematical reasoning. It is defined in terms of formal approaches to deductive and probabilistic reasoning that are paradigms for normative rationality (Chater and Oaksford, 2002). ‘Everyday rationality’, on the other hand, is the common sense, ordinary kind of rationality that human beings exhibit on a regular basis (Chater

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Time and Life Free Essays

Everyone wants to be successful in their own, different way. It is a mutual dream shared by all, to be rich and famous. In my perspective being successful is much different, because money is not everything. We will write a custom essay sample on Time and Life or any similar topic only for you Order Now To make goals and follow your dreams will lead you down the road to success. Their will be bumps along the way, and you might have to take the harder road, but if you are willing to work hard and never give up, you will be successful. Like everyone, I have many dreams and goals that I would like to see myself accomplish during my life. I want to go to a great college and discover myself, what it truly means to be me. Then I will decide what I would like to spend the rest of my life doing because I honestly believe that, at my age, I do not contain within me the experiences necessary to determine what I want to be or what I want to do with my life. Given the opportunity, I would go into the ? eld of science to study biology or engineering to ? gure out how and why things work, living or not. But who knows? I might end up in a totally different ? eld, because wherever my heart goes, I am sure to follow. I want to go to a top school to start with a strong support in the world and to use this foundation to build my life upon. If the building blocks of my future are too small, I will be con? ned to certain things and not others that I would be able to reach with a bigger, sturdier base in knowledge. This will create limitless opportunities that may result in a great job. I want a job that pays well enough so that I could support a family, if I so choose. I want enough money to pay for little things in life, those that create great memories, but not so much that it will go to my head and make me a person that has worked so hard just to see himself become corrupt and sel? h. Above all I want to thank my parents for starting me off in the right direction, they gave up so much for me, because they instilled these values in me and made me who I am today. They have helped me this far, and they will help me in the years to come. Without them I would be nothing, and I believe that this deserves much more than simple thanks. My decisions will affect my future, whether it be the near future or in the long run. Seein g as I cannot predict the future, I will just have to work hard and make the right decisions. The right thing is not always the easiest thing to do, but is necessary if you want to reach your goals. The only obstacle that I see in the way of my future is myself. I can do anything I want if only I put my mind to it. But if I make the wrong choice and slack off, it is only that much harder to reach your goals. Another thing between my future and myself is time. Everything changes over time so it is only natural to believe that my short-term goals will too. But the things time cannot change are life long goals. The things you see yourself doing when you sit down and think of all the wondrous things in this world that makes you think what a miracle life really is. Life is a gift bestowed upon us, and it is our choice to determine where it goes. My goals are what make up my life, what keep me determined to ? ght for the next day and the drive behind everything I do. My family plays a huge part in who I am, and my values. I want more than everything in my life to be successful, and for those I care about to be successful in their lives too. How to cite Time and Life, Essays

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International Convention Interpretation Law

Question: Discuss about the International Convention Interpretation Law. Answer: Introduction: In this case, there was an agreement between shipping lines for a timetabled transport of containers across the Atlantic between the Northern Europe and the United States about the restrictions that were formulated which were prohibiting an agreement between ship owners which was fixing the price on transport services and the transport capacity system. The applicants of the case wanted the court to nullify the terms of the contract as it was infringing on the rights to fair competition. They presented their facts basing on article 85 of the EC treaty by then. The applicant wanted the annulment of the commissions decision on (EC) 94-980 which was prohibiting the ship owners from fixing the price on their goods and carriage capacity on the programmer that involved the shipping of the containers across the Atlantic Ocean. For an agreement to be effective between Member States there is a requirement that it should meet the requirement of possible foreseeing of a sufficient degree of probability and should also be in line with the objective factor and the law that it has influence in direct or indirect, influential or perpetual. An agreement between the Member States was likely to affect the trade that was going on between them and the defendants choice to conduct a contract that was not in favor of the applicant lead to the issue as the defendants fact were that they did not meet the thresh hold that are stated in article 85(1) of the treaty which is now article 81(1)EC. Which states that the decisions that are made in a contract for trade between member state is likely to affect all of the member states? The agreement was also likely to cause changes that affected the applicants negatively as they were to lose their market area and business if it was to be implemented. Article 85 (1) of the Treaty which is now article 81(1) EC provides that a provision derogating in an exempting regulation must by their nature be strictly interpreted. This applies to the provision that relates to the maritime transport by virtue as its duration is restricted. The possibility of the applicants being able to fix different prices was that they could make it possible to attract different customers into the shipping lines which would be good for their business and the agreement was prohibiting them from doing so. The applicants were basing their facts pursuant to section 173 of the Treaty which is now Article 230 EC. The court reviewed the issue was whether the defendant were misusing their power. The court held that the commission was not supposed to dictate individuals shipping lines unless the parties agree to it and follow the rule in which in this case the applicants did not. The commission limited themselves by applying article 85(3) of the treaty. The argument of the applicants qualified on the exception that was written under Article 12 of regulation No 4056/86. Conclusion The court held that the provisions of an agreement between the shipping lines of the applicant and the defendant were supposed to inform the customers to whom they had concluded contracts with. Failure to do so infringed the treatys competition rules. The court concluded that the commissions decision requiring the applicants to make their customers have a right to renegotiate their agreement was lacking sufficient reasoning for them to make the applicants to follow the contract and amend it with the new rules. References Competition-Agreements, decision and concerned practices-effect on trade between members of states-criteria (EC Treaty, art, 85(1))(now Art.81(1) EC)) Competition-Maritime transport-Regulation No 4056/86-Block exemption-Scope (Council Regulation No 4056/86, Art,3) Common law Definitions- Interpretation-Definition taken from international convention-interpretation with regard to the convention EC, Treaty art.85 (1) now article 81(1) EC: council regulation No 1017/68 Art 11 EC and No 4056/86, Art 11.Oxford University Press Amazon

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The Causes Of The Holocaust Essays - Racism, Antisemitism

The Causes of the Holocaust Post World War I Germany saw difficult times. Germans were searching for a reason to blame someone for their problems and extremist groups such as the Nazis provided a focus for the German people. Some historians will argue that extreme nationalism was the cause of the Holocaust because of the power of the Nazi party. While a large part of this is true, Germany's anguish after World War I sent people looking for reasons to blame someone or something for their burdens, Germany's humiliation after World War I, its dire economic situation, and antisemitism all came together to cause the Holocaust. Germany's embarrassment after losing World War I was one of the major reasons for the cause of the Holocaust. After Germany's defeat in World War I, Germans found it hard to believe they had lost the war. The Treaty of Versailles was a document that officially ended military actions against Germany (Craig 424). Germans did not like this treaty because their government would have to pay other countries for their economic losses (Allen 57). Germany also lost all of its colonies overseas. It had to give back provinces to France, Belgium, and Denmark. France got German coal mines and Gda sk, now a city in Poland, became a "free city." Poland gained most of Western Prussia and Germany's Rhineland was demilitarized, although allied troops occupied it for fifteen years after the war (Shirer 59). The Treaty also solely held Germany responsible for the War in a "war guilt" clause which greatly upset the Germans. When the German government saw the treaty, they heavily opposed i! t; however they had to accept it. Germany's new republican government ratified it in 1919. Germany's defeat in the war and the provisions in the Treaty of Versailles, officially ending the war, greatly outraged the German people. Germany had lost everything, the economy was in a decline and there was an extremely high unemployment rate. The Germans wanted to restore their nation to its former greatness (Hashoah 28). They wanted to complete this task of restoration in a very short amount of time. German citizens also started looking for a reason for their defeat. A new political party called the National Socialist German Workers Party, or Nazis, began its climb by bringing back old prejudices and blaming the Jews for Germany's defeat in the first World War. These were some of the factors that came together to cause the rise of Hitler's Third Reich and the slaughter of twelve million innocent people in the Holocaust. Germany's bad economy in the 1920's and 30's was a factor for the cause of the Holocaust and the Rise of the Third Reich. After the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919, Germany owed other nations money for their economic losses during World War I. This made Germany very poor in the early twenties. In 1923, inflation reached its climax in Germany which made the German Mark lose its value and virtually wiped out the middle class. The German economy was so bad that cartoons were drawn depicting middle class Germans carting around their few possessions and money in wheel barrows. Middle class citizens became more susceptible to appeals from extremist groups such as the Nazis which came about in the years following World War I because they had provided a focus for Germany's problems. Less than three years after German's economy had somewhat stabilized, it went in to a severe economic depression along with the rest of the Western world in 1929. During the years of econom! ic depression the Weimar Republic, who ruled Germany from 1919 to 1933, was criticized for not being able to deal with Germany's problems effectively and efficiently. The Communist and the National Socialist Parties were supported by most of the German voters by 1933 because of Germany's economic problems (Shirer 258). Antisemitism was by far the biggest factor for the cause of the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party were behind this antisemitism campaign. When Hitler and the Nazi party gained power, they made antisemitism an official government policy. Germans were looking for a quick way out of their problems and, by listening to Hitler, they believed they found a quick way out. His reason was the Jews, and Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany's economic problems and its defeat in World War I. Hitler blamed the Jews because, he said that the Jews were not German and

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Writing SOL Prompt 1 Essay Essays - Road Safety, Free Essays

Writing SOL Prompt 1 Essay Essays - Road Safety, Free Essays PROMPT: Some states have now made it illegal to drive while using a hand-held cell phone. Do you agree or disagree with this law? Why or why not? Take a position on the issue. Support your response with reasons and examples. Is it really that important to check your cell phone while driving? Many drivers today use their cell phones while driving and see it as a harmless act. Cell phones are now not only a form of communication, but also a distraction and dangerous item. People think that checking their phone while driving is just a momentary action and doesnt matter, however it can cause less control your vehicle and less ability to concentrate which lead to very serious consequences. No matter what age the driver is or how experienced they are, under no circumstance should they be using their mobile phone while driving. It is extremely hazardous and can result in fatal consequences. Therefore, I completely support the ban of cell phone usage while driving. Texting or using a cell phone while driving is very perilous to yourself and the people surrounding you. The lives of innocent people are being taken every day due to a simple distraction. Using cell phones while driving causes the driver to have less control of the vehicle. Although some people are capable of multitasking while driving, its still extremely risky. When answering a phone call, even it if it isnt urgent, can cause the driver to drive slower, especially during rush hours. Even though not all phone conversations are urgent, the ones that do deliver negative news can cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle due to a rush of mixed emotions and confusion. The driver could pick up their speed easily and not notice the traffic around them because theyre frantic. All of this leads to accidents and people getting hurt. Drivers using their cell phones while driving have less ability trying to concentrate on the road and the danger surrounding the vehicle. Driving and using a mobile device are two different activities and it leads to the driver not being able to fully concentrate. The driver is splitting their focus between their phone and the road and giving their full attention to whats going on around them. They dont have the ability to really concentrate on their driving and it leads to coasting on the side which leads to collisions. Most drivers answer their phone calls because they dont know whether its urgent or not. However, a text can wait. The moment a driver slightly switches their attention from the road to their cell phone, theyre not only putting themselves in danger, but also others. At a street crossing, a driver could be on their phone and not see the light turn red, which can result in multiple fatalities such as running into pedestrians and a car crash. If a driver must answer a ph one call, they should stop at the side of the road and answer it. Its better to be a little late arriving to a destination than putting your own and others lives at risk. Banning the use of cell phones would decrease the number of collisions dramatically. People would feel safer driving and pedestrians would feel more at ease walking on the streets. Although theres a law that bans drinking and driving, there are still collisions caused from it. Even though banning the use of cell phones while driving wont completely stop car collisions, its still a big step to take towards change. A way to really reinforce the banning would be punishments. Just like a driver would get a ticket for speeding, police men should also hand out tickets for cell phone use. Even if a person is still speeding, most of the time, theyre still paying attention to their driving and whats going on around them. However, when someone uses their cell phone while driving, they arent able to concentrate at all; which is a larger risk. People should already know, through common sense, that not giving their full attention while driving is incredibly unsafe. Whether the car ride if five mi nutes or two hours, a phone call or text shouldnt be the leading cause of

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Reflection paper on CHRISTIANITY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Reflection paper on CHRISTIANITY - Essay Example One of such depictions is the film, â€Å"Kingdom Of Heaven’ by Ridley Scott which was released recently in 2005. This movie takes place during the 12th  century in specific during the second crusade. Although this film is a work of fiction it does provide a historical account for the events that took place during that time. The plot of the film is based on the character of  Balian of Ibelin. He was a French blacksmith who follows his father to fight in the crusades. The main events of this film are the falling of the kingdom of Jerusalem and the power struggle between the Muslims and Christians over Jerusalem. Through the character of  Guy de Lusignan, this film is depicting the rising greed in different rulers that was present at that time. Guy is the husband of Sybilla, the king’s sister. After the death of King Baldwin IV, Sybilla took the throne and named his husband the king of jerusalem. Guy was a person who was greedy and intended to rule after the death of King Baldwin, it was his greed of expanding the empire and establishing a Christian Kingdom and so he wanted to provoke a war with Muslims so he could be successful in his goals. This character portrays another aspect of the crusades that was the aspect that much noble man took part in this war not primarily because of religion, but because of other personal reasons. This film is not one of those films that show just one side of the event. It managed to show both the sides of the crusades. It portrayed the side of Muslims, which is usually absent in the western media. It showed how it was actually the idea of some angry churchmen who took upon their self to rid the world of impurity that is Muslims, and this simple idea lead to one of the greatest wars in the history. It also highlighted that the Crusades then provoked the peaceful Muslim world to fight back, which resulted in a lot of loss of property and life. The movie itself shows how the violence turned Muslims into warriors who fought to