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Reflection paper on CHRISTIANITY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Reflection paper on CHRISTIANITY - Essay Example One of such depictions is the film, â€Å"Kingdom Of Heaven’ by Ridley Scott which was released recently in 2005. This movie takes place during the 12th  century in specific during the second crusade. Although this film is a work of fiction it does provide a historical account for the events that took place during that time. The plot of the film is based on the character of  Balian of Ibelin. He was a French blacksmith who follows his father to fight in the crusades. The main events of this film are the falling of the kingdom of Jerusalem and the power struggle between the Muslims and Christians over Jerusalem. Through the character of  Guy de Lusignan, this film is depicting the rising greed in different rulers that was present at that time. Guy is the husband of Sybilla, the king’s sister. After the death of King Baldwin IV, Sybilla took the throne and named his husband the king of jerusalem. Guy was a person who was greedy and intended to rule after the death of King Baldwin, it was his greed of expanding the empire and establishing a Christian Kingdom and so he wanted to provoke a war with Muslims so he could be successful in his goals. This character portrays another aspect of the crusades that was the aspect that much noble man took part in this war not primarily because of religion, but because of other personal reasons. This film is not one of those films that show just one side of the event. It managed to show both the sides of the crusades. It portrayed the side of Muslims, which is usually absent in the western media. It showed how it was actually the idea of some angry churchmen who took upon their self to rid the world of impurity that is Muslims, and this simple idea lead to one of the greatest wars in the history. It also highlighted that the Crusades then provoked the peaceful Muslim world to fight back, which resulted in a lot of loss of property and life. The movie itself shows how the violence turned Muslims into warriors who fought to

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Organisation and Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organisation and Behaviour - Essay Example Due to presence of such divergence in leadership effectiveness in different organizational context, in the next section, the study will dig deep in the topic in order to gain meaningful insights. Task 2 2.1 Compare the Effectiveness of Different Leadership Styles in Different Organisations Armstrong (2009) and Yukl (2009) defined leadership as the systematic or intuitive initiatives of particular individuals to inspire and motive other organizational members to hollow the direction of the particular individual which can help the entire team to achieve organizational objectives. On contrary, consideration of research work of Rees and French (2010) reveals the fact that leadership is personal characteristics of social or organizational members blended with certain skills such as charismatic personality, interactive and engaging communication styles, interpersonal skills, decision making capabilities during contingent period, showing empathy towards team members problems, team building approach and knowledge sharing capabilities. In such context, the study will compare the leadership style in British Telecom as against leadership style in Apple. ... In most of the occasions, organizational leaders in British Telecom use the transformational leadership styles in order to achieve the change objectives such as develop the global IP platform which can work in effective manner, being number 1 in terms of customer services across 170 countries of operation and increase responsiveness throughout the value chain operation (Ukwon, 2008). In such context, leaders of British Telecom used transformational leadership style by involving the employees during contingent decision phases in order to deploy change initiatives such as, 1- implement new internal trading model, 2- develop new organizational structure, 3- integrate a global business operation model, 4- implement faster re-engineering process, 5- extend worldwide 21CN IP platform and 6- develop knowledge sharing collaborative culture within organization (Ukwon, 2008). As part of transformational leadership culture in British Telecom (BT), a team has been developed to measure Organisati onal Culture Index (OCI) while as part of transformational leadership in BT, sub-leadership styles like aggressive defensive, passive defensive and constructive were adopted by managers. In case of transformational leadership style in British Telecom (BT), leaders shown some common characteristics such as encouraging team members to communicate with each other for knowledge sharing, delivering customer focused solutions, encouraging best practice, identifying strategic priorities (Ukwon, 2008). On contrary, in case of Apple which one of the largest Consumer electronics company in the world, the concept of leadership very person specific. Steve Jobs being considered as pioneer leader for the rise and growth of Apple Inc. For Apple,